Forging Future with Tradition

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At this time, the publication of Rev. Chiang’s book has truly met the needs of Chinese churches. Although the main target of this research has been the C&MA in Canada, yet the author’s research has looked at the past and forged into the future and is useful in pointing to the proper development for all Chinese work in other denominations and independent churches. Such contribution should be recognized.

Rev. Wilfred Su
Professor, Logos Evangelical Seminary


The author traces in detail the history of development of Chinese Alliance churches in Canada. He analyzes the energy of the denomination, the church, and the society behind the whole process. He explains the participation of all individual Alliance churches, thus leading us to see that there is guidance by a pair of invisible hands behind the brilliant development of Alliance churches in Canada.

Rev. Hing Wong
Associate Professor of New Testament and
Director of Doctor of Ministry Program
Logos Evangelical Seminary


The function of history is to let everyone visualize the development of individual churches, including its toil and joy. It translates objectivity into subjectivity, letting everyone merging into the giant scene, giving each a role to feel, to see and to be seen, and to bear the responsibility together in history.

Rev. Jonathan Kaan