Our Funding

Source of the CCACA Operating Fund
Operating Fund is for church planting, mission, subsidizing new churches, church building program & administrative purposes. According to the CCACA Constitution item 5.1, it is recommended that each church contributes the equivalent of 3% of the church’s General Fund revenue to support CCACA’s ministry.
The thriving ministry of CCACA is blessed by God Himself. Although the annual operating budget is big, member churches have focused on the vision of CCACA, and have been faithfully supporting it with love. Above and beyond supporting their own local churches, plus the District and National offices, member churches can still have the same willingness to support the ministry of CCACA — this is indeed the evidence of God’s extra grace and blessings upon our churches.

Policy of Restricted Fund Usage
Donation to restricted funds is confined only to those ministries, programs or projects that the Executive Committee (EXECOM) has approved. Each restricted contribution specified and directed toward an EXECOM approved ministry, program or project will be solely used as specified, with the understanding that when the need for such a ministry, program or project has been met, or it cannot be continued or completed for any reason as determined by the EXECOM, the remaining restricted contributions specified for such ministry, program or project will be used wherever it is needed most as determined by the EXECOM.

January to July 2023 Operating Fund

Revenue YTD $146,317
Expense YTD $176,959
Net Income/ (Loss) for Operating Fund -$30,642
Budget YTD $213,419
Cumulative Operating Fund Balance $262,700