The Chinese restaurant industry is thriving in Canada, especially in major cities. Our Chinese brothers and sisters can enjoy the tastes of different hometowns in Canada, but a very small percentage of the people in the restaurant industry can have the opportunities to hear the gospel and believe in Jesus. They rarely have chances to come to regular Sunday services to worship God because of their working schedule. They are either cooking or serving the dishes when other people are having church gatherings or other activities.

CCACA recognizes that the restaurant ministry is an important local mission ministry. Our staff team hires Pastor David Pan as the director of the restaurant ministry, he dedicates to encourage chinese churches to spread the gospel to the people in the restaurant industry. From 2006. Pastor David Pan has been served in this ministry voluntarily and part-time in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, Asia, etc.

Due to the current financial deficit in CCACA, this position can only be self-funded. Pastor David has to raise funds for ministry expenses and salary. Our staff members hope that churches will be able to support this ministry in prayer and also financially.