The Source of CCACA General Expenses

General expenses include: new ventures, missions, funds for church planting and administration expenses.  According to CCACA Charter 5.1, churches are encouraged to support the ministry of CCACA with 3% of their general expense.  The mission of CCACA is prospered by God himself.  Though the annual budget is high, churches focus on the vision and support it with love.  It is really God’s extra grace and blessing given to each church to be able to support CCACA with the same spirit of supporting its own church, conference, and general assembly.

Policy of Restricted Fund Usage

Donation to restricted funds is confined only to those ministries, programs or projects that the Executive Committee (EXECOM) has approved. Each restricted contribution specified and directed toward an EXECOM approved ministry, program or project will be solely used as specified, with the understanding that when the need for such a ministry, program or project has been met, or it cannot be continued or completed for any reason as determined by the EXECOM, the remaining restricted contributions specified for such ministry, program or project will be used wherever it is needed most as determined by the EXECOM.

Approved Ministries, Programs & Projects

  1. CCACA Operating Fund
  2. JMC (Joint Missions Convention)
  3. AED (English Ministry)
  4. AED (Oversea Missions)
  5. AED(Church Planting)
  6. Restaurant Ministry
  7. International Chinese Student Ministry
  8. Atlantic Chinese Ministry
  9. MAT/PAT (Mission Assistant Team)
  10. Self-Funded or Partially-Funded IWs
  11. Japan Church Planting Project
  12. Investment Eternal (Myanmar/Burma project)
  13. Literature
  14. Church renewal project – Medicine Hat & Lethbridge CAC

Please note

  1. Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) policy requires the tax receipt be given to the true donor.  We can’t process the donation if they don’t match.  Exceptions are when the donation comes from joint chequing accounts or between spouse.
  2. If cheque donation amount is $10,000 and above, please made payable to CCACA full name: Canadian Chinese Alliance Churches Association


  1. Cheque should be made payable to: CCACA, specifying designating ministry on memo.
  2. Mail personal information with the cheque to:
    80 Nashdene Road,
    Units 223-228
    Scarborough, ON
    Canada M1V 5E4

Pre-Authorized Offering

  1. Fill in the Pre-authorized Offering Authorization Form.
  2. Email the form and a picture of your cheque to:


  1. Please enter your contact information for donation receipt and the designate ministry.
  2. E-tranfer to:

PayPal / Credit Card

There is a fee of 3.9% plus $0.50.  The amount charged will be deducted from the donation.

PayPal / Account

  1. Using your PayPal account to donate through PayPal Fundraiser.
  2. Fill in PayPal Fundraiser Form, to designate donation to ministry and for us to keep a record.

Canada Helps

Canada Helps accepts credit card, PayPal account and mutual funds.  They will also send you your tax receipts.  Please check for fee details on Canada Helps webpage.