Seeing the needs and opportunities of reaching out the Chinese overseas students, labors and new immigrants in the Atlantic provinces, CCACA is taking an initiative to set up a new ministry position to strengthen our current Chinese ministries and to explore opportunities of developing more discipling communities and new ventures in the region.

As starting on 1st of March, the Executive Committee has approved the hiring of Rev. Nelson Leung as Atlantic Chinese Ministry Developer. Rev. Leung is a seasoned Alliance pastor. For the last few years, while serving as Executive Director of Ambassador for Christ of Canada, he has consistently touched base with the evangelistic efforts in the region. Such passion for reaching the Chinese in these four provinces has provoked him to pick up this new ministry challenge.

For the Gospel needs of the Chinese Diaspora in these provinces, the Committee is appealing for your prayer and financial support of this project. Due to the tight financial situation of CCACA, this ministry is a self funded project. You are invited to join Rev. Leung and CCACA to raise funds for this ministry. Please indicate your donation as “Atlantic Chinese Ministry”.